La Covadonga

Since the manufacture of our first brick in 1886, from Cantabria La Covadonga has actively contributed to the momentum of the ceramic industry in Spain.

Today, we are an international reference in the manufacture of glazed Klinker facing bricks present in Europe, United States and Australia.


Our history is that of a family that changed perspectives, landscapes and looks, manufacturing a material with which the facades that have given homes to thousands of families would be built or which accompany us daily with every move.

Since our origin, we have made over 200 different brick models complementing our offer with the design and manufacture of more than 1,200 special shapes.

Our journey began in 1886, manufacturing facing bricks, hollow bricks and ceramic vaults.

The family company reached mid 20th century with a change in productive model becoming the first company in the sector to manufacture coloured glazed facing brick: this new technique was a revolution, changing the classic colour of bricks and permitting a choice of new colours to be used in the construction of facades.

In 1990, we reinvented ourselves again presenting our Klinker facing brick, with a quality that complies with the most demanding technical requirements in the market and which, nowadays, is present in the majority of construction projects.

Klinker Covadonga entered the international arena in 2003 opening commercial delegations in several European countries. In 2015 we reached the United States and two years later, Australia.

  • 1886

    Founding of La Covadonga: factory manufacturing facing bricks, hollow bricks and ceramic vaults.
  • 1957

    Manufacture of coloured glazed facing bricks; La Covadonga pioneers this technique.
  • 1990

    Presentation of 100% Klinker facing brick.
  • 1995

    Manufacture of rustic Klinker bricks commences.
  • 1999

    New product: Klinker clay paver.
  • 2003

    Expansion into international markets: first commercial delegations in different European countries.
  • 2015

    First project supplied to United States of America.
  • 2017

    First project supplied to Australia.
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